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English interview of Judge Fredd                        Judge Fredd video at Guitare Village

about the MFN by the Guitar Channel


  Audio samples of the MFN                                 The exat sound with the MFN by

                                                                                 Guillaume. LP58 and Tone King.

The Money for Nothing’s riff sound is one of the famoust guitar tone ever. There are different versions of the way it has been done by the magic and great Mark Knopfler.  The most reliable version seems to be the one from Neil Dorfsman here.

It was an happy studio accident due to an hazardous placement of microphones.  Later the sound was done on stage with a wah wah pedal at 50% of the pot.


We have spent one year and half to design that pedal in order to match with the sound of the world hit. It has required 13 prototypes.


It is a double channels pedal  : an overdrive heavy as the original tone was and a MFN filter. The aim was to get the original sound recorded with something different then a classic wah.


The wah filter is very aggressive for the tone of the guitar. It kills the basses and the hight ends and boost the medium zone.Moreover the cry baby is well know for its volume loss.


The magic MFN medium resonnance is less aggressive and the whole tone of the guitar is still there. The filter can be set from 500hz up to 2500hz, we can get different tunes.


The strenght of the filter can be set with the button "push to get chicks for free". I guess you know where this comes from ?


The drive is very heavy and can go fare way from the original tone was.


To get the original sound both channels must be engaged. Nevertheless they can work separtely for different tunes. You can use the filter alone with the overdrive of an amp for instance.

Recommended settings to match with the original record


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