Riff Shooter, double stompboxe Overdrive / Clean Boost

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Is there anything that hasn't been done in terms of overdrive effects?

Well, if you ask our sound designer Judge Fredd the answer is yes! After 8 months and 9 different prototypes, the Riff Shooter was born.

An OD / Boost stompbox, with the two effects enabled separately.

A rocky drive, turning to sludge as you push it to its limits.

A large dynamic.

Lazy, Horny and Juicy, 3 specific sound signatures giving you access to a wide margin for boost, with a personal touch.

With its rich personality and unique sound signature, the Riff Shooter leans towards a well defined drive with a 70's feel. It performs very intuitively with its classic volume, tone and drive knobs, but it offers less common settings with more varied controls :

Drive: your progressive gain. The low frequencies are boosted as you turn it to the last settings.

Voice: The voice knob sets which frequency center gets the most drive, from 100Hz to 1000hz. Combined with the tone control, it gives the Riff Shooter a large panel of EQ possibilities.

The Middle Switch: offers 3 positions for 3 specific drive types: Lazy, Horny and Juicy. Lazy sounds pretty mellow and soft. Horny feels more crunchy. Juicy is a downright heavy, sludgy, compressed drive. When the drive knob is pushed to the max, the three types blend together for maximum effect.

To give you all that, the Riff Shooter has some unique electronic subtleties that really sets it apart.

Patate! : That's the Boost as we gently call it. In French “patate” means patatoe but the second meaning is also “boost”. Independent and located next to the overdrive switch. It allows to whip up a nice volume boost whenever its needed. It can be used as a clean boost. It wont color your sound much because of the MosFet transistors used for their musicality and clear tone.

- Double stompbox, independent Overdrive / Booster
- 3 drive types with unique sound signatures
- Driven by an exotic "hi-fi" Ampli Op
- Very low noise
- 100% analog
- Wide dynamic / high attack response
- Heavy duty build, gig-proof
- Entirely handmade in France
- ALU case compact size 118x93x35mm, 2mm thick
- Epoxy paintjob, car-paint quality (U.V., grind resistant)
- Circuitboard FR4 high quality
- External power or 9V battery (BOSS kind polarity)
- Jack inputs with high mechanical hold
- 3 year warranty


  • Box aluminium 2mm thickness
  • Depth 35mm without buttons 50mm with boutons
  • Height 118mm
  • Painting Epoxy powder coating
  • Weight 550g
  • Width 92mm


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